Good attendance to school is intrinsically linked to high attainment and positive wellbeing. Therefore, at Heron Hall Academy we place huge importance on our students attending school every day.

It is very important that students aim to attend school every day, only absent when they are physically too unwell. Our school target for attendance is 96% and we set all students this target.

It is a parent/carer's legal responsibility to ensure that their child attends school regularly and is not absent without good reason. 

Research shows that children who attend school regularly are happier learners than those who miss school on a regular basis. Children who miss school often fall behind with their studies and can become socially isolated. We monitor attendance very carefully and you will be contacted if your child's attendance falls below target.

We want all Heron Hall students to be happy attending school and if you feel that your child is becoming reluctant to attend, please do not hesitate to contact their Form Tutor or Head of Year. 

Students should arrive on school site by 8.30am latest each morning. 

Late arrivals/Early departures

If a student arrives late to school, they must sign in at reception with a member of the Business Support Team. 

Any students leaving before the end of the school day for any reason must sign out at reception before they leave.

Students may only leave early if the school has previously been advised by a parent by email, telephone, letter or have a signed note in their planner from a parent explaining the reasons. 

Absences due to illness

If a student is absent or late due to illness, or an appointment, the parent must inform the school either by telephone on the attendance line 020 8443 9631 option 1, on each day the student is absent or an email to, . A specific reason must be given for the absence. The school may ask for medical evidence to be provided if a student’s attendance is a concern..

Leave of absence during term time

Headteachers no longer have the discretion to allow time for a family holiday or to agree to extended leave for parents/carers to visit their country of origin during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Taking children out of school during term time means they would be losing valuable school time at the expense of their education.

If your child is absent from school because of a holiday, which has not been agreed, then this will be classified as an unauthorised absence and you may be fined or legal action taken against you.

If you feel that the circumstances for an absence is exceptional then an application must be made to school, prior to any arrangements being made. The school will then decide whether the absence can be authorised.

To request such an absence, please use the ‘Absence Request Form’, located within the Attendance Policy and once completed send it to,  or hand it into the schools reception. 

Our Attendance Policy

Please see more information in our Attendance Policy by clicking here.

We also have a short leaflet on attendance which you can read here.

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