On Monday 23 March, Heron Hall Academy becomes the 'CHAT Hub school' for keyworkers from Heron. Key workers from Cuckoo, Woodpecker, Kingfisher and Enfield Heights have a Hub School at Kingfisher. Children should ONLY attend if it is absolutely necessary and you have NO OTHER OPTIONS. If we can support any of our families please see our Helping Families web page.

Science Week 2020

Science week is coming to the school.

Science Week 9-13 March

Science Exhibition & Awards 19 March

Best Science Projects

Scientists of the Year in each school

5 schools, 2,000 students

Science Week in your school

The idea behind the week is to raise awareness, spark enthusiasm and celebrate science.

Science has led to the discovery of everything from gravity to medicine. Science is based on curiosity - and when children aim to learn more about the world around them, it is science that often holds the clues they need for a better understanding.

Science helps shape children's development. As they learn to ask questions, make predictions, observe, test, and then communicate their findings, they are developing critical science skills.

The schools will be running a whole series of projects involving most of the children as follows:

Reception (Life below water)
Year 1 (Good health and well-being)
Year 2 (Zero hunger and no poverty)
Year 3 (Clean water and sanitation)
Year 4 (Responsible consumption and production)
Year 5 (Affordable and clean energy)

Year 6 (Climate action)
Year 7 (Recyclable craft products)
Year 8 (Sustainable fashion)
Year 9 (Timothy Peake/ Hovercraft)
Year 10 (Posters and information - our diverse planet)

Science Exhibition and Awards celebration - 19 March 2020

On Thursday, 19 March we are hosting the Trust’s first ever Science Exhibition and Awards.

All our schools are taking part. Hundreds of experiments and pieces of scientific research will be undertaken, involving almost 2,000 students, from Reception to Year 10.

It promises to be an event to remember and will mark the culmination of Science Week.  

The event will be held at Heron Hall Academy.

The Exhibition will feature the best projects from our 5 schools. We will be announcing awards for the best overall projects in each year group and Scientists of the Year in each of the schools.

There will also be recognition for the CHAT Academies Scientist of the Year and the CHAT Academies Science Project of the Year.

Our fantastic science laboratories at Heron Hall will also be open for visiting and will host a whole range of eye catching experiments.

On the day timetable:

(4pm)  Event opens
Science lab demonstrations to 5.15pm

(4.15pm) Year 8 Fashion show

(4.30pm) Awards presentations

(5.30pm) Event ends

It is an event not to be missed!


•    Scientist of the Year - Cuckoo Hall Academy
•    Scientist of the Year - Woodpecker Hall Academy
•    Scientist of the Year - Kingfisher Hall Academy
•    Scientist of the Year - Enfield Heights Academy
•    Scientist of the Year - Heron Hall Academy

•    Best Science Project – Reception (Life below water)
•    Best Science Project  - Year 1 (Good health and well-being)
•    Best Science Project  - Year 2 (Zero hunger and no poverty)
•    Best Science Project  - Year 3 (Clean water and sanitation)

•    Best Science Project  - Year 4 (Responsible consumption & production)
•    Best Science Project  - Year 5 (Affordable and clean energy)
•    Best Science Project  - Year 6 (Climate action)

•    Best Science Projects in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10

•    CHAT Academies Scientist of the Year
•    CHAT Academies Science Project of the Year

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