Whose bookshelf competition

We are celebrating World Book Day with lots of different activities and events, including a 'Whose bookshelf is this?' photo compertition.

Can you guess which teachers these books below belong to and win a £10 voucher?

Please email your answers to info@chat-edu.org.uk

Bookshelf 1

Clue: She teaches English, And rhymes with ‘Wavey’, that’s right…It’s Madam..

Bookshelf 2

Clue: one of the book titles also has a clue to one of the topics I teach at GCSE…

Bookshelf 3

Clue: This teacher shares a surname with the cartoon characters from Springfield....

Bookshelf 4

Clue: Which teacher loves grammar the most? Don’t look too deeply, the answer is right in front of you!

Bookshelf 5

Clue: Getting sick and tyred of reading the same old books in lockdown.

Bookshelf 6

Clue: This staff member might swerve a ball in the library.

Bookshelf 7

Clue: In this place take a look, she’ll will always have a choice of book, but prefers to garden or read than she does to cook.

Bookshelf 8

Clue:14 letters on this lady's surname.

Bookshelf 9

Clue: Someone who likes history.

Bookshelf 10

Clue: I hope my clues are cryptic enough.

Bookshelf 11

Clue: My uncle was a Sri Lankan Poet.

Bookshelf 12

Clue: I read in all of these languages.

Bookshelf 13

Clue: I often ask you to look out of the window to observe for yourself: the weather, trees and houses.

Bookshelf 14

Clue: You will find me on wheels to and from school.

Bookshelf 15

Clue: His football footwork can match Pele, he loves a bit of telly, but misbehave around in the dinner hall and his voice will turn your legs to jelly!

Bookshelf 16

Clue: some of the book titles also have a clue to another language I speak and I’m proud of.

Bookshelf 17

Clue: Shares her last name with a famous comedian.

Bookshelf 18

Clue: Oral pathology.

Bookshelf 19

Clue: Authorship & and gaming he does conquer, this excellent teacher is Mr --------

Bookshelf 20

Clue: I definitely don't enjoy sweeping up.

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