Heron Hall detention system

Whole school detentions last 30 minutes.

There may be occasions where a student receives 2 detentions in a day and therefore the detention would last for 1 hour.

If students do not attend the 30 minute detention they may receive an hour detention the following day.

For more serious incidents, a Head teacher’s detention will be set.  This is for 2 hours and runs on a Thursday.

Whole school detentions are run every day of the school week.

If students do not attend detention this may result in students being placed in the reflection room.

Reasons for Detentions

Lateness – if a child is late for school they are set a same day 30-minute detention.

Blue Slips – if a child breaks the corridor policy (running, wearing, incorrect uniform, shouting, swearing etc.) they will be issued a blue slip.  Blue slips are also issued for students who drop litter, eat in the building, do not line up quickly or if students are talking in line or as they are entering the School building.

Poor behaviour - if a student misbehaves, they may be set a detention by a Head of Department or their Head of Year these detentions are for a variety of behaviours such as disrupting learning or failing to complete a report.

Senior Leaders all set detentions for behaviour incidents outside of the classroom.


If a child is set a whole school detention, parents will receive a text message to inform them of this.  This message will be sent on the day of the detention.  We aim to send these messages out before 1pm.   The messages will inform parents of how long the detention will be and the year group detention that they are in.  

**Please note that the school has the right to keep students for informal detentions for 20 minutes after school without notifying parents**

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