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Learning at home

Supporting your child's learning at home

This page is designed to help inform parents of the home learning that students need to complete and how the work is to be set and submitted for the term.

In addition all students should complete approximately 30 minutes of reading a day for enjoyment, to support literacy and well-being. 

Why homelearning is important for your child

Home learning is an important part of the learning process. Home learning helps students:

Review and practice what they have learned in class: Home learning assignments give students the opportunity to reinforce the skills and knowledge they have acquired in class. By reviewing and practicing the material at home, students can better understand and retain the information.

Prepare for upcoming lessons: Home learning can serve as a preview of what students will be learning in future classes. By completing assignments in advance, students can arrive at class better prepared and ready to participate in discussions and activities.

Develop good study habits and time management skills: Doing Home learning on a regular basis helps students develop the discipline and responsibility needed to manage their time effectively. It also helps students learn to prioritise tasks and plan their schedules.

Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills: Home learning often requires students to apply the concepts and skills they have learned to new situations. By tackling these challenges, students can develop their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Improve test scores and grades: Studies have shown that students who regularly complete their Home learning tend to perform better on exams and have higher overall grades. Home learning gives students the opportunity to review and practice the material they will be tested on, leading to better test performance.

In conclusion, home learning is an important part of the learning process for secondary school students. It helps students review and practice what they have learned, prepare for future lessons, develop good study habits and time management skills, enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and improve their test scores and exam grades.

Home learning set for your child