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School comparison data

Note from the government:

Uneven impact of the pandemic on 2021/22 school, college and multi-academy trust performance data

Pupils included in the 2021/22 school, college and multi-academy trust (MAT) performance measures will have had uneven disruption to their learning.

We, therefore, recommend not making direct comparisons between schools/colleges or MATs, or with data from previous years. Comparisons with local and national averages can be made cautiously to put an individual school/college or MAT’s results into context.

There are other factors that will also make direct comparisons difficult:

Several changes were made to exams and grading. These include advanced notice of exam topics and GCSE, AS and A level grading being based around a midpoint between 2021 and pre-pandemic outcomes.

Changes were also made to the way school and college (and therefore also Multi Academy Trust) performance measures were calculated. Results achieved between January 2020 and August 2021 by pupils included in this year’s measures are not included in the calculations.

For a full explanation of all the factors affecting these results please see the KS4 opens in a new window and 16-18 opens in a new window 2021/22 technical guides.

The individual school, college and MAT data should be used with caution. It reflects a school/college or MAT’s results in 2021/22 but cannot provide information about the factors which may have influenced these results.

When forming a view of how well the school/college or MAT is doing, you should consider a range of different information sources, for example, discussing with the school or college directly, using school or college websites, reading Ofsted reports, and seeking views of friends, and family.

Secondary school comparison data

These are revised results for pupils who completed key stage 4 in the summer of 2022, except where stated otherwise.

View the data here.