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Our careers programme

Careers education plays a pivotal role in supporting young people to choose an appropriate post-16/18 programme of study, which reflects their interests, talents, abilities and needs. A stable careers programme helps young people to understand the wider context of their learning, raises aspirations and to make informed and suitable choices relating to their future.

At Heron Hall our careers programme is dynamic, innovative and caters for all students from Year 7-13. Our programme supports students to identify areas of interest and to begin to consider the necessary skills and qualities needed to thrive in their industry.

At Heron Hall Academy we provide a progressive careers programme which enables students to plan and manage their careers effectively. All careers guidance provided to students is high quality, impartial and is underpinned by the Gatsby benchmarks and follows statutory guidance outlined in the Careers Strategy. 

We track, monitor and report on our careers programme using the Compass+ tool. This allows us to ensure that our programme remains in line with the Gatsby benchmarks and identifies any gaps within the provision we offer. 

Our careers programme allows students to explore their interests using a variety of different mediums, such as assemblies, form time activities, employability workshops, visits, trips, careers fairs and 1:1 tailored careers support and guidance. 

At Heron Hall, our careers programme will support students to: 

Transition to life beyond secondary school (A-Levels, higher education and the workplace)

Make informed choices that are suitable and appropriate for them.

Identify potential areas of interest and future career paths 

Develop characteristics (e.g. social skills, communication, innovation, resilience and leadership which support high achieving students in the curriculum and their careers).

Develop their aspirations and aspirational career choices  

Our careers Team

Mr Molokwu

At Heron Hall Academy we have a whole school approach to careers.

All staff support the delivery of CEIAG - Careers Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance.

This means that every member of the staff, not just the careers team, plays a role in helping students with their career development. 

This approach ensures that careers education is integrated into various aspects of school life through the pastoral and tutorial programme and within curriculum departments

We also have a designated CEIAG team who coordinate and monitor the delivery of the school careers plan:

Mr M. Molokwu – Assistant Headteacher KS5 and Careers Lead 

Mr D. Angeletos – Head of Year 

Ms S. Mahamroot – Careers Coordinator

Ms A. Dadiciu (Sixth Form Office Manager)

Careers guidance at Heron Hall Academy is essential in empowering students to make well-informed decisions about their futures, aligning their educational journey with the demands and opportunities of the modern job market.

It nurtures self-awareness and ambition among students, guiding them to understand their personal strengths and interests and how these can be effectively translated into fulfilling career paths.


At Heron Hall Academy we work closely not only with students to provide impartial careers guidance, but we also provide support to parents who may require further information to understand the opportunities available to their child. 

Choosing a career and next steps can be a difficult and potentially dauting task if you are unsure what your options are. It is vital that when considering your future career path, students and parents have been supported with the necessary and relevant information to ensure that you can make informed decisions. 

For parents seeking to find additional support and information, please use the Talking Futures website that provides a toolkit for having discussions with your child regarding their career interests and employability. 

A link to The Talking Futures website can be found here.


The Careerometer is an innovative tool designed to provide a detailed comparison between various jobs, offering insights into key aspects such as salary, working hours, and other crucial job metrics.

It enables users to make informed decisions by presenting a clear and concise overview of potential career paths, highlighting differences in remuneration, work-life balance, and long-term prospects.

This tool is particularly useful for students and job seekers looking to understand the landscape of various professions, aiding them in aligning their skills and preferences with suitable career choices.

Additionally, the Careerometer serves as a valuable resource for career guidance professionals at institutions like Heron Hall Academy, enhancing their ability to provide tailored advice based on reliable and up-to-date job market information.

You can find the Careerometer here.