Going to Heron Hall Academy

Dear families

If your child is joining Heron Hall as a Year 7 student in September we want to wish you and them a very warm welcome.

We are a popular and growing school with a reputation for excellent GCSE results and for developing our young people into citizens for the future. We pride ourselves on the opportunities we can offer our students, as well as the pastoral care that is so important to their social and emotional development at this stage of their lives.

At Heron Hall Academy we place emphasis on good behaviour and character.

Our Year 7s have to learn to take more responsibility for themselves with their homework and behaviour than they might be used to. We believe that excellent learning is underpinned by excellent behaviour.

We expect our students therefore, to show respect when interacting with other members of our school community and to uphold the reputation of the school in the local area.

Getting into good habits, and being accountable for their actions, is something our students will be working hard to develop, and we very much appreciate support from parents with this at home.

The links below should give you an insight into life at Heron Hall Academy.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a query or would like additional information. Email us here.

Arthur Barzey, Head teacher       Madam Lawson Head of Year 7

What you need to know

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