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Expections we have of our students

Student achievement and rewards

Student achievement is recognised in a variety of ways throughout the year. For day to day achievements in class work and home learning, teachers and tutors issue positive merits for students; these merits are recorded onto our school system, certificates are awarded to those who achieve a high number of merits in each form class.  

At times, teachers may also telephone home or award a merit for one of our ‘STRIVE’ values or for being a good citizen around the school.  Teachers may also nominate a ‘superstar’ in the lesson who will then be entered into a prize draw at the end of term for the chance to win one of 5 £10 Amazon vouchers per year group.  

Each term, subject teachers are also able to nominate students who have made a particular impression in either their attainment or effort and these are recognised by way of certificates presented during termly Awards Assemblies.  Form tutors, Heads of Department, Heads of Year and subject teachers are all able to nominate students for these awards.

Achievement, progress, and making a contribution to the school or wider community are seen to be valued and at the heart of school life. They are also within the reach of every student and motivate each to give of their best.  Many students have badges on their school blazer that help to show to other students and staff that they have helped to support the school community.  

We expect to reward:

•    good or improved school work
•    good or improved behaviour
•    positive effort
•    excellent attendance
•    commitment to extra-curricular activities
•    contribution to Inter-Form events, charity activities etc.
•    contribution to the positive ethos of the school e.g. care shown for other


Visitors to our school frequently comment on the calm and purposeful learning atmosphere that is created and maintained by all that attend the school.

Students are expected to be prompt for school and lessons bringing with them all of the correct equipment for that day’s learning.  Students are expected to wear their uniform correctly at all times including to and from school.

Behaviour at the school is excellent.  Students are rewarded for their achievement both inside and outside of the classroom.  Where behaviour falls below the expected level, it is rectified using the ‘Behaviour for Learning’ policy.  

In lessons, teachers will follow the ‘Behaviour for Learning’ policy. Teachers will issue a lesson ‘de-merit’ as a result of having to give a verbal reprimand or classroom sanction. Accumulation within a week of multiple de-merits will result, in the first instance, in a phone call home from the Form Tutor; increased, or consistently high, numbers would result in the student being placed on report. Further de-merits could lead to meetings with parents and the student, followed by further, higher sanctions as required.

Within a lesson, a teacher may give a detention. Depending on the severity of the incident this could be at break time, lunchtime or after school (parents will be notified in advance in the latter instance). An afterschool detention will be a maximum of one hour in duration. If a student’s behaviour requires their removal from the lesson (known as a ‘red card’), a detention will be given for this sanction, followed up with a conversation by the Head of Department and the subject teacher.  

If a student is involved in an incident at break time, lunchtime or afterschool, these will be investigated by the Head of Year and depending upon the incident, the sanction will be in line with the sanctions in line with the Behaviour Policy. These could include an Internal Isolation, Fixed Period Exclusion or Permanent Exclusion.

Other sanctions

Students who are late to school without a valid reason will receive an afternoon detention of 30 minutes on the same day. If this is missed, this is escalated to 60 minutes the following day; if this is missed, the sanction is escalated to a two hour Head teacher detention on a Thursday.

If a student is not wearing their uniform properly or they are not following the corridor or line up rules then they may be given a blue slip.  This is a 30 minute detention that takes place after school.  Any detentions that are given by teachers may be expected to be served on the same day.