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Year 9 GCSE options meeting - Thursday, 1 February, 5-7pm (5.30pm presentation)

Year 9 marks a pivotal stage in a student's academic journey.

It's the time when they start making crucial decisions regarding the subjects they will pursue for their GCSEs.

Please see our letter to parents about the evening here.

We look forward to welcoming you

Please try to attend the very important presentation at 5.30pm.

The importance of making the right choices

These choices for GCSEs are more than just academic selections; they are stepping stones that can significantly influence a student's future career path and higher education prospects.

Therefore, it's of paramount importance that students receive ample support and guidance from their parents and guardians during this decision-making process.

Understanding the weight of these decisions, we are hosting a special open evening specifically for parents and guardians.

The aim of this event is to provide a comprehensive overview of the various subjects available for selection, along with detailed insights into the qualifications and potential career opportunities linked to each subject.

This evening is designed to be an informative session, equipping parents with the necessary knowledge to assist their children in making informed and beneficial choices for their future educational and career paths.

Attendance at this open evening is highly recommended for all parents, as the information presented will be invaluable in helping guide their child towards making the best possible decisions for their future.

The Year 9 Options Booklet.

On the night you will be able to collect a copy of the Options booklet to take home.

It contains a wealth of information about the different options we are offering students at Heron Hall.

There is a digital version of the booklet available here.

The booklet will also be available in a wide range of translations to collect on the evening.

Joe in year 9 chooses his options

Join us as we follow Joe, a Year 9 student from last year, and his mum, as they navigate the significant task of selecting Joe's GCSE subjects. This moment marks a crucial point for Joe, as he balances his interests and future goals in making his course choices. Our short film captures not only Joe's decision-making process but also the vital role his mum plays in supporting and guiding him through this journey. It's a story that resonates with many families facing similar decisions. Watch now to see how Joe and his mum tackle this pivotal stage in his academic path.