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The school day at Heron Hall

The school day at Heron Hall will be quite different from the days that you are used to from primary school.

You will be expected to move around the school between lessons as you will now be taught by subject specialists in everything from Maths and English to PE and Design and Technology.

The Heron Hall building can be quite intimidating but very quickly you will learn to find your way around and the classrooms are grouped together to make it easier to find lessons.

Each day has 5 lessons split out into the timings below.

Form time begins at 8.40am but students are expected to be in line up for 8:37am at the latest in order to ensure form time can start promptly. If a student arrives after this point they will receive a detention for lateness which will be served on the same day.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they arrive on time but if there is an exceptional reason the office and Head of Year will need to be made aware. It is up to the school to decide if the exceptional reason is valid. 


Please note that we have teacher training every Thursday, which means students finish at 2.25pm.

The school day

8.40am - 9am
Form time
9am - 10.05am
Period 1
10:05am - 11.10am
Period 2
11:10am - 11.30amMorning break
11.30am - 12.35pm
Period 3
12.35pm - 1.20pm
1.20pm - 2.25pm 
Period 4
2.25pm - 3.30pm - On Thursdays, there is no Period 5, students finish at 2.25pm
Period 5

The school also operates a two-week timetable for some subjects such as Humanities with 3 lessons per week and an alternating lesson between History and Geography. It is therefore important that students look at their timetable every evening to prepare them for the following day and make sure they have the equipment and homework required for the lessons.

You will also be allocated to a form class with a dedicated form tutor. They might teach you for a subject but their role as a form tutor is to look after your pastoral development.

You will spend a number of lessons each week with your form as well as time at the end of each day. So it is likely that some of your closest friends at Heron Hall will be in your form group.

At the end of each day the form tutor will spend time with the form group on one of the following activities:

Activities with your form tutor

School Bulletin, Notices, Attendance and Merits/De-Merits
Accelerated Reader / Word of the Week
Character and Culture
Silent Reading/ Numeracy Ninjas
Year Group Assembly

Weekly hours

33 hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 6 hours 50 minutes

Thursday 5 hours 45 minutes

Morning registration time

8.40 – 9am

The official end of the compulsory school day

15.30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

14.25 Thursday