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School uniform at Heron Hall

Look smart. Think smart. Act smart!  

At Heron Hall Academy we are very proud of how smart our pupils look when they wear our uniform.

It is important they wear the right uniform items at all times.

School uniform is expensive and therefore before buying shoes and other items, we ask that you please first check the photographs in the school uniform policy document for the style of shoe and other uniform items which are allowed. 

If you are not sure of something, please call the school for clarification.

Significant savings now available

We are very pleased to announce that with the support of our Trust, we have been able to secure a number of uniform items at a significantly lower cost.

We understand how important it is at this time to keep the cost of school uniform items as low as possible.

Helping us

We ask our families to make sure that their children have all the uniform items that they need and that students themselves are aware of the importance of taking responsibility for looking smart. Please make sure your child understands that they need to wear their uniform correctly at all times. 

All school uniform, including PE kit, should also be clearly labelled with a name. It is the student’s responsibility to look after all uniform items but this will help in returning anything that is lost within the school.

Students who forget items of uniform may get detention. 

Students with their shirt untucked, a top button that is undone, not wearing their blazer, or looking scruffy may be given a ‘blue slip’. 

A blue slip is a detention that lasts for 30 minutes after school.  A student given detention during the school day may have to stay behind on the same day so they need to make sure their uniform is neat and tidy.

Please be advised that jumpers are optional and are not required in warm weather.

Uniform booklet and price list downloads

A copy of the school's uniform policy booklet can be downloaded here.

Uniform4Kids price list can be downloaded here.

Smiths Schoolwear price list can be downloaded here.

Please also check directly with these shops for the latest prices.