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Your first day

Transitioning from primary to secondary school is a landmark step in your journey towards maturity and independence.

Here is some advice to help you with your first day at Heron Hall Academy.

School Bag

Your school bag should be large enough to hold your and pencil case and exercise books.


Pencil case, black pens, green pens, pencils, ruler, calculator


You should be in full uniform. It’s important you wear your uniform exactly as shown on our uniform section of the website.

On The Day

You will meet your Form Tutor and your Tutor Group. Here you will be given your timetable and have the opportunity of getting to know each other. You will then begin your life at Heron Hall Academy.

Student Planner

On your first day, you will receive a planner. The Planner is a student’s most important piece of equipment. It will tell you where you are going, when your work is due, who you teachers are– everything! It is really important you use this to organise yourself and your work.

If you get lost

Ask someone to help you! Everyone at the school is helpful. Go to Student Reception there are always staff on duty who are only too willing to help you.


Everyone at the school wants you to be happy and to do well. Please talk to your Form Tutor if you have a problem or you are worried about anything.

Don’t forget Everyone here has had a first day! We understand and so do the other students in the school.