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Home school partnership

We greatly value our relationships with our parents and recognise that our pupils benefit when we work together as partners. The purpose of the Home-School Agreement is to strengthen the partnership between parents/carers and school to maximise children’s learning, happiness, confidence, self-esteem and well-being.

We believe that by working together we can create the right environment for all pupils, which allows them to develop in the way and at a pace appropriate to their individual needs. This will ultimately result in them feeling supported, encouraged and valued leading to success.

Our mission is to ensure that all students are successful in any path they choose and they leave us fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will define the leaders of the future.

The details of the relationship between the school, students and parents are set out in our Home School Agreement to which all students and their parents are asked to commit on entry to the school.

The school aims to give parents a regular flow of information about their child’s progress via reports throughout the year. Parents are also invited to a Consultation Evening where they can speak by appointment to their child’s subject teachers and form tutor.

Parents are also invited to ‘Information Evenings’ which addresses various aspects of the school’s work and curriculum, where information can be disseminated and any issues raised can be discussed. Typical subjects might include forthcoming educational trips abroad, work experience, revision techniques and external examination preparation.

Parents are kept informed about their child via a number of different mediums. This includes letters, text messages, information through the website, emails and phone calls.

The school receives feedback from parents in a variety of ways including surveys conducted at Consultation Evenings through the Heron Hall website and social media platforms.

Download the Home School Agreement here.