GCSE grades information for 2021

Heron Hall Academy – Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) for GCSE’s 2021

The information on this page will help you better understand the TAG process for awarding GCSE grades. Please let us know if you have any queries.

Subject portfolios

All students completed a portfolio of evidence. The evidence in the portfolio’s ranges from mock exams that students took in November 2020 to assessments that were undertaken throughout lockdown along with in class exams that took place when they returned in March.

For full information about the content on which each subject has based their evidence portfolios on please see the box below.

Students are aware of all the assessments that they undertook throughout this period of time.

Quality assurance and moderation

All evidence used in portfolios has been moderated and quality assured within departments. In most recent assessments students only recorded their candidate number on the front of scripts in order to remove unconscious bias. Sample scripts were then moderated via blind and double marking so that teachers were in agreement on the marking and grading of scripts. Teachers worked in collaboration with other members of their departments in order to award students a final GCSE grade to ensure that there was consistency and fairness. The quality assurance process has been documented by teachers.

Heads of Department then met the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher in order for them to review and understand how the final Teacher Assessed Grades had been awarded. Throughout these meetings they reviewed random samples of pupils' work and were satisfied that a thorough quality assurance of the TAGs was undertaken on a departmental level. 

For more information about our Centre Assessed policy that we followed please see the box below..

As a school, we will also be subject to a random sampling of evidence via exam boards in random subjects. The exam boards will also review subject portfolios and quality assure that the grades awarded are fair and accurate.

Results day

GCSE results day will be on Thursday 12th August 2021. 

We will write to you nearer the time in order to provide details and times about the arrangements for your child to collect their results.


For more information about appeals please see the box below.  

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