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GCSE results 2018

Six of our top performing students

I did it!

Well done!

Congratulations to all our students.

We had lots of very happy young people as they came into the school to collect their results.

Many of our students did extremely well. Overall, students have made more than the expected amount of progress as shown by our Progress 8 score.See our results below.

Year 11 Students have worked tremendously hard and have been supported brilliantly by their families. It has been a privilege for all of us at the school to watch them grow over the years into the confident, able and happy young people that they have become as they embark upon the next exciting stage of their personal journeys.

As Heron Hall Academy is a relatively new secondary school, these young people are the school’s first year 11 group to take their GCSEs and they are to be congratulated on their successes and individual accomplishments. View photos from results day here.


•    Progress 8 score +0.4
•    Attainment 8 score 4.8
•    Percentage of pupils who have achieved a strong pass in English and mathematics. (A 'strong pass' refers to a grade 5 or above) 53.9%

•    English Grade 5+ 65%
•    Maths Grade 5+ 65%
•    Percentage of pupils entering for the English Baccalaureate 73.7%
•    Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate Grade 4+ 30.3%, Grade 5+ 14.5%
•    Percentage of pupils staying in education or employment after KS4 (destinations) 100%

We both did it!


We're off to college!

Individual student successes

Kirsten performed brilliantly scoring the perfect 9 in four subjects: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, fantastic 8s in three subjects and completed her results with four grade 7s.

Yvette  was exceptionally pleased with top grades in Biology and Chemistry, and secured the second highest grades in Maths, History and physics.

Emmanuel who along with his impressive 9 in maths and 8’s in Chemistry and Geography, got grade 7s in no less than six other subjects.

Jacob achieved grade 8 in three English subjects and grade 7s in five others.

Danita had great success with seven grade 8s, including Maths, Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, and Physics.

Gagandeep  had similar success with grade 8s in Maths, Chemistry, Geography, Physics and RE and she also got no less than five grade 7s.

School Action Plus students

Hakan 10 GCSEs | Baran 10 GCSEs, including two Grade 5s in English Literature and RE | Ennes 8 GCSes, including Grade 4 in Maths and a C in TLM | Shannae 9 GCSEs

There are many other students who did very well. We say well done to everyone!