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GCSE Results 2022

We are very proud of our students again this year.

Once again our GCSE results have been very impressive.

Many of our young people have done outstandingly well.

Headteacher, Arthur Bazey, said:

"It has been another difficult and challenging year for our students but once again they have worked so hard to get the grades they need to move onto the next stage of their education. We wish all our Year 11s the very best for the future. I am proud of each and every one of them."

Heron Hall continues to deliver great results, making year on year progress in key subjects like English, Maths and the Sciences.

Our results in detail

Heron Hall celebrated its fifth set of successful GCSE results this summer. Year on year improvement has remained very good with our students achieving an overall  estimated progress 8 score of +0.68 (for 2022).

The Progress 8 benchmark is an accountability measure introduced in 2016 and used by the government to measure the effectiveness of secondary schools in England.

It bands students into groups based on their scores in English and Mathematics during the Key Stage 2 SATs. In GCSE results, six EBacc subjects are chosen and each grade is converted to points on a scale published by the government for that cohort. English and Mathematics are worth double points and all points are added together. This is the Attainment 8 score.

Students in Maths and English made outstanding progress with +0.7progress in Maths and +1.1 progress in English.

Students also made above expected progress in subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sociology, Citizenship, History, Art, Drama and several other subjects.

49% of students achieved a grade 5+ in Maths and English and 73% of students achieved a good pass in both English and Maths.

In summary

• Attainment 8 = 4.8

• English Grade 5+ = 77%, English Grade 4+ = 87%

• Maths at Grade 5+ = 49%, Maths Grade 4+ = 74%

• Two Sciences at Grade 5+ = 42%, Science Grade 4+ = 55%

• 5+ GCSE’s at Grade 5+ including English and Maths = 45%

Celebrating some of our top performers

Chinemerem Christian-Iwuagwu

Managed to get a very impressive six Grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Sociology and Geography, two Grade 8s in English Language and Religious Studies, two Grade 7s in Business and Spanish,  and a Grade 6 in English Literature.

Michael Amakwah-Baidu

Achieved two Grade 9s in English Language and English Literature, no less than 5 Grade 8s in Biology, Chemistry, French, History and Mathematics, two Grade 7s in Citizenship and Physics, and finished with two grade 6s in Art & Design and Music.

Mustafa Awil

Scooped a Grade 9 in Physics, two Grade 8s in Biology and Chemistry, an impressive 5 Grade 7s in English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Sociology and Computer Science, and also two Grade 6s in Citizenship and Geography.

Arjun Bamotra

Scored a perfect Grade 9 in Mathematics, four Grade 8s in Chemistry, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science, three Grade 7s in Biology, English Literature and Geography, plus 3 Grade 6s and a Grade 5.

Yakoub Mouale

Received a Grade 9 in Biology, four Grade 8s in Chemistry, English Language, Mathematics and Physics,  4 Grade 7s in Citizenship, English Literature, French and History, plus a Grade 6 and a Grade 5.

Salwa Shahid

Scored a Grade 9 in Business, 4 Grade 8s in English Language, Religious Studies, Sociology and Geography, a Grade 7 in English Literature, four Grade 6s in Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Iqra Shariq

Achieved a Grade 9 in Religious Studies, two Grade 8s in Chemistry and Sociology, five Grade 7s in English Language, English Literature, History, Mathematics and Physics, a Grade 6 in Biology and a Grade 5.

Hanad Shegow

Picked up an impressive five Grade 8s in Business, English Literature, History, Mathematics and Physics, four Grade 7s in Religious Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Religious studies, plus a Grade 5 and a Grade 3.

Safiia Sriskandarajah

Scored five Grade 8s in Biology, Chemistry, English Language, Mathematics and Sociology, four Grade 7s in English Literature, History, Physics and Religious Studies, plus a Grade 6 and a Grade 5.

Emre Yildirim

Scooped a Grade 9 in Turkish, a Grade 8 in Business, five Grade 7s in English Language, History, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, two Grade 6s in Chemistry and English Literature, plus a grade 5 and a grade 3.

Sabrina Ali

Picked up a Grade 9 in Chemistry, 5 Grade 8s in Biology, English Literature, History, Mathematics, and Physics, and also Grades 7, 6, 5 and 4 in other subjects.