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Sixth Form financial support

Bursary funds

A bursary is financial support awarded to eligible students from the 16 to 19 bursary fund which is intended to support students in overcoming specific financial barriers to participation so that they can remain in education.  It is used to provide students with support such as transport, books, equipment, business attire, field trips and other course-related costs

There are two types of 16 to 19 bursaries and to apply you need to be eligible and provide the appropriate supporting evidence

1. Bursaries for students in defined vulnerable groups

2. Discretionary bursaries

How to apply

First, please read our Bursary fund policy (for sixth form) to see if you meet the eligibility criteria and have the additional evidence required

Then, if you think you meet this criteria, complete and submit the Bursary fund application form

è Bursary fund policy (for sixth form)

è Bursary fund application form


For those students who have been awarded a bursary, the expenses claim form can be can be found below.  Completed forms should always be accompanied with the appropriate receipt which must be accompanied with receipts and returned to the school.

è Bursary expenditure claim form (sixth form)

Free School Meals

You may be entitled to a Free School Meal

Eligibility for Free School Meals is also one of the factors which may be considered for those applying for a Discretionary Bursary and you would not have to provide any additional evidence.

How to apply

If you have not previously applied but think you might be eligible then all the information a parent needs to check and apply for Free School Meals can be found on our website here.

Even if you do not wish to receive a free school meal it is always worth checking to see if you are eligible as the academy will receive additional funding from the government for anyone who is.  This can support teaching and learning through additional resources and equipment and really helps make a difference.