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Friends and family

Friends & Family of Heron Hall Academy – Get involved

- New group launched to connect parents

We are delighted to be able to announce that we have set up the Friends and Family of Heron Hall Academy. 

The new group will help to support all aspects of life in our wonderful school, through fundraising and many other activities. We think it is also a great way to create an active social network for parents & carers. 

In addition, The Friends and Family of Heron Hall Academy will work closely with the school throughout each academic year to promote a positive and welcoming environment for new parents and families as their children come to Heron Hall.

It’s our version of a PTA – only a little less informal.

Why set up a group?

At secondary school, parents often don't get the same chance to see and mix with other parents as they did at primary school. We want the group to be a great way for us to all keep in contact and for our parents and carers to become more actively involved in the school.

We know we have fantastic parents. Many have asked how they can help us. So we want to tap into the great enthusiasm of our parents for Heron Hall for the benefit of the whole of our school community. 

What will the group do?

If you join our mailing list we will keep you updated on the activities of The Friends and Family of Heron Hall Academy. You can chose when you want to get involved, as well as staying in touch with us.

The group will initially meet informally, over a cup of tea, about once every half term. Its first task will be to start thinking about planning for events and coffee mornings in the Summer term by sharing ideas.

Helping us to raise additional funds through a variety of events and initiatives will directly help the school provide the best possible teaching and learning environment, facilities and opportunities for all our students. 

By joining The Friends and Family of Heron Hall Academy, parents & carers will be able to contribute their thoughts and ideas to help us to make sure that we are a great school in every respect – from the educational outcomes of our children, to the overall ethos of the academy, and to the welcome we provide to new parents each year. 

What next?

Join our mailing list below.

You don’t have to commit to attend every meeting, just to participate as and when you can.

We would love you to get involved.

Contact:          Madam Thalia Zindilis

                        Tel. No. 020 8443 9631 (Ext. 333)

                        E-mail: [email protected]