Free courses to help parents understand key areas around young people’s wellbeing

From the AIM group:

Due to Government Funding in the Adult Education Budget. We have several free online Level 2 Accredited NVQ’s (OFSTED, CACHE, CQC) courses available to help parents understand key areas around young people’s wellbeing and neurodiversity while also upskilling professionally at the same time. 

The following subjects are available, along with many others may you be interested in: 

Adverse Childhood Experiences – Introduction into childhood struggles caused by events such as divorces, bereavements, domestic violence, etc. 

•         Specific Learning Difficulties – Understanding characteristics of ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. 

•         Children and Young Peoples Mental Health – Exploring children's mental health (identifying early signs, triggers and strategies of communication).

•         Understanding Autism – In-depth look into the various spectrums and how autism impacts the individuals day-to-day. 

•         Team Leading - Understanding the business environment and how best to effectively communicate and delegate.

•         Mental Health First Aid and Advocacy in the Workplace - Developing the skills and traits required to become a qualified mental health first aider.

The courses can last anywhere from 3-8 weeks and are completed on a self-study basis, meaning you are free to make your own schedules and can access your material online at any time. You can do as many courses as you’d like, however, you can only do one at a time. 

Regarding eligibility, you must meet the following: 

•         Aged 19+ 

•         Have lived in the UK/EU for a minimum of 3 years 

•         Not already on a government-funded course/apprenticeship 

Please be advised to only enrol if genuinely interested. The courses are paid for via government funds so it would classify as a waste of funding for an individual to be granted this funded and make no attempt at the course whatsoever with no reason. However, if you’re approaching your deadline and need an extension, just let your online tutor know and you’ll be granted an extension. 

 If interested in gaining a free, accredited qualification, then please complete the following link to claim your funding and space - Heron Hall Academy - Funded link here.

A member of the AIM Group will be in contact within 48hrs to process your chosen course through the college free and fully funded!

If any questions, you can contact Shola on 0203 900 3091 Extension 201 or drop him an email on