Cuckoo Hall & Heron Hall interact for magnet session

Year 3 magnet session

Each year 3 class did an hour long session exploring magnets and magnetic fields with Heron Hall Science teacher Mr. Wellard. They did several exciting experiments (including What things are magnetic?, magnetic field patterns and What affects magnetic fields?) interspersed with a few demonstrations by Mr. Wellard looking at attracting and repelling, showing invisible fields and strong permanent and electro magnets.

“A huge compliment to year 3s at Cuckoo Hall on their behaviour and engagement with the Magnets practical sessions I ran with them last Thursday. I think they all got plenty out of it and enjoyed themselves” – Mr. Wellard (HHA Science) - Mr. Wellard

Pictured is (Mr Parker, Mr Wellard, Oliver, Tamanna, Naomi, Baris, Misha)