Weather: Latest on the decision to open or close

Update: Thurs 21.00

Due to the weather deteriorating the primary schools and central nursery will be closed tomorrow Friday 2 March. Heron Hall has decided that it can open.

Check our websites and social media for updates. 

Update: Thurs 15.25 

We expect to be open on Friday 2 March. We will make a final decision early tomorrow morning. Parents will then be contacted by text/ email, the website and all our social media will also be updated. 

Latest information on whether we will open on Thursday morning. 

5.55pm Wednesday 

We share parents frustration with the way all schools have to weigh up very carefully the decision to close or stay open.

The timing of that decision - which is made by the headteacher -  has to be carefully made. It also affects the amount of notice that we are able to give to parents. Many of our staff are parents as well, so we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible to make alternative arrangements.

Paramount to any decision is the issue of ensuring the safety of our children, their families and staff. This has to be our top priority.

Weather, as we all know, can also change - for the better or worse - and very quickly. Site specific decisions also need to be made and is the reason why some schools near to one another will take different decisions on whether they are able to open or not.

We do not want to inconvenience our parents by making an early but ultimately wrong call about what the weather conditions will be like in the morning. 


The London weather forecasts are currently predicting snow overnight. Early tomorrow morning therefore we will see what the level of actual snowfall is and whether there are issues with freezing and ice as well. 

After that review, we will advise parents of our decision whether the school can be open. We expect to do this by 6.30am tomorrow morning or as soon as we are able to send texts and update websites and social media.

How will we inform you?

This will be done by text, email, and through our social media. You can also check the website. The website will carry a notice at the top of the front page ( and all pages)

The order of priority for updating parents is: text/ email, website notice, social media such as Facebook & Twitter. 

Any developments during the day will be through these same platforms.

Tino Hernandez
Head of Communications