World Book Day at Heron Hall

World Book Day at Heron Hall

World Book Day on Thursday 7th March at Heron Hall brought out both students’ and staff’s competitive spirit.

An action –packed day included staff trying to outshine each other in fancy dress – as their favourite book character; form competitions to create the most innovative display outside their form room and individual art displays created by students.

Moreover, the English team showed off their ‘extreme reading’ skills on large posters on their door and all staff joined in by displaying what book they are currently reading as part of the campaign to get everyone reading more portray that we are a school that reads.

 ‘We are very proud of how both staff and students alike are raising the culture of our love of reading and literacy overall across the academy. We would also like to express our thanks to our school community for their energetic participation and to parents and carers for encouraging their children to read more at home.’ - Literacy Coordinator Mr Lee and Librarian Md. Morris

School community World Book Day Winners:

Form Group displays
Year 7 -7A Md. Newman
Year 8 – 8E Md. Senussi
Year 9 – 9K Mr Newman
Outstanding staff contribution - Md. Bryan for her Hidden Figures display!