The school will be closed for key worker children on Friday, 8 May. Students can attend our other Hub school at Kingfisher Hall Academy.

Our vision and values

Who we are

We are part of CHAT Academies, established in 2010. CHAT currently runs 5 academies in North London, educating some 2,200 pupils. Growth plans will increase this to around 3,000 by 2020. 

Our vision and values

Our goal is to provide outstanding education and life changing opportunities for all our children. We want to be recognised for academic excellence and having a reputation for giving pupils the critical skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in education, employment and life.

We believe opportunities create options and choices for children. That is why we challenge every pupil, parent and teacher with high expectations in order to provide a learning environment to help each child develop individually to reach their maximum potential on the pathway toward achieving their personal dreams and goals.

Our children are also encouraged to be contributing members of their communities. We teach them to acquire personal integrity, to uphold respect for cultural diversity, and develop a sense of global responsibility.

At a CHAT academy every child will experience the very special freedom that comes with having the greatest number of opportunities to discover his or her potential. Whatever your child dreams to be, we have a wide array of choices and support in place to empower them to help make his or her preferred future a reality.

Academic Excellence

We aspire to excellent academic results, with year on year improvements, achieved through the first-class teaching of a broad based curriculum, by highly motivated and trained staff, who are supported by strong school leadership trams, a dedicated and experienced Board of Trustees and active local governing bodies.

Pupils will succeed at our academies regardless of background. We treat all children as individuals and give them an education that prepares them for their lives ahead. Building respect and character, with principles, virtues and values, is at the heart of everything we do at CHAT.

The challenge to our staff

We will engender a core philosophy throughout our organisation to make sure every member of staff understands and feels able to play a role in the success of our academies. All staff, regardless of role or grade, have an important role to play in ensuring outcomes for children our outstanding.

The Trust's Strategic plan

Our founding ethos established four key principles:

  1.     Driving up the quality of education provision and standards, to ensure excellent outcomes for all pupils.
  2.     Sharing resources, expertise and provision across the family of CHAT schools, ensuring value-for-money academies.
  3.     Being a self-sustaining and self-improving group of schools, with emphasis on relying on school leaders, teachers, support staff and parents to ensure a good quality of provision for all. 
  4.     Sharing our expertise with as many young people and communities as is possible.

Moving forward with four key objectives

We have built on the original, founding CHAT vision and ethos, developing a new strategy that will give us a clear focus on what we need to do over the next three years. Our academy development and central services plans are aligned to four key objectives:

  1.     Delivering the best possible education for all of the children at our academies through a consistently high-quality and cost-effective approach.
  2.     Accelerating student attainment and progress for all with outcomes exceeding national averages.
  3.     Building Trust-wide infrastructure and leadership capacity to support at least 3000 students.
  4.     Making a significant contribution to our communities as a key local employer-of-choice and a provider of community facilities.
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