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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Welcome to our Special Educational Needs information pages.

At Heron Hall Academy we believe that all teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs.  

Students with Special Educational Needs attending HHA can expect classroom teachers and form tutors to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ in their quality first teaching so that all students are learning together.  Some young people with more complex needs will make the transition from Primary School with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  They may also be entitled to a Teaching Assistant in the classroom who will further differentiate the curriculum and support their exceptional needs whilst, still giving them opportunities to work independently or with their peers.  On some occasions professionals from external support agencies will be invited in to support the school in meeting your child’s SEN

"We endeavour to help every young person make as much progress as possible and develop their full potential irrespective of their level of need and the barriers to learning they might encounter".  


Teachers informally assess students in every lesson.  However formal assessments take place on a termly basis.  Teachers are aware of the needs of every student in their class.  High-end SEN/D students will have additional assessments through the EHCP process.


By understanding the needs in their class, teachers are then able to plan inclusive, high-quality teaching for all their students.  Parents are invited to contribute to target setting at parents’ evenings. Some students will have a Student Profile to further support teachers in their planning to meet exceptional needs. A student profile briefly describes the specific SEN/D a young person may have and informs teachers of strategies that will support the student in the classroom.  Teachers are also encouraged to attend relevant training or to liaise with the SEN/D Team if they require additional support. 


Teachers develop inclusive lessons to create a learning environment that meets the needs of identified individuals.  For example, they may use visuals in a lesson as a way of helping to secure ideas in the working-memory.  Recapping key words, checking the readability of texts used in lessons or making sure that text is sufficiently large are all strategies regularly used that supports learners with SEN.  At HHA we think that by using these dyslexia-friendly strategies, all our students benefit.  In addition, some students will be also be invited to interventions outside of the classroom to support their progress. 


Teachers provide feedback in books or through teacher-student conversations or school reports. TAs also feedback to students daily and make notes in their books.  All young people with an EHCP will have an annual review.  Heads of Year alongside the SEN/D team will also meet, and collaborate with, the parents/carers of students on the SEN/D register, regardless of whether they have an EHCP.
SEN Support

If we think a student requires SEN/D support, we will contact you and ask you in for a meeting to discuss their needs further.  However, most students are identified in a thorough transition procedure that takes place when moving between primary and secondary school.  If you think your child might have a SEN/D, please discuss this with their subject teachers in the first instance.   Together you can complete an Early Identification Form and request a meeting with the SENCO.

In collaboration with the Deputy Head and governing body, the SENCO plays a key role in determining the strategic development of the SEN/D policy and provision in the school in order to raise the achievement of children with SEN/D.  A current focus of SEN concern is raising standards of language acquisition which is a need of many young people and not necessarily confined to those being on a SEN/D Register.  Good language skills is a major contributor to academic success.

The key responsibilities as the SENCO include:

  • Overseeing the day to day operation of the school’s SEN/D policy
  •          Liaising with and advising teachers
  •          Managing the SEN/D team of learning support assistants
  •          Coordinating the provision for students with special educational needs
  •          Overseeing the records on all students with special educational needs
  •          Liaising with parents of students with special educational needs
  •          Contributing to the in-service training of staff
  •          Liaising with external support agencies

The SENCO at Heron Hall Academy is Lois Burgess.  She can be reached on 020 8443 9631 Exn 5.

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