Summer school

We invited all our prospective year 7 pupils and year 10 pupils to our 2021 Summer School provision at Heron Hall Academy from 26th July to the 6th August 2021.

The year 6 programme was designed to incorporate creative and academic subjects which included sessions on well-being and mental health.

The programme enabled the pupils to have  fun but also to become familiarised with the year 7 curriculum.

In addition to the core subjects Maths, English and Science, the pupil attended art, PE, history, computer science, PSHE and circus skills sessions. By the end of summer school most pupils were familiar with the school and the routines. 

The year 10 programme of work included catch-up sessions in all core subjects as well as a mixture of option subjects (PE, Art, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Sociology, Resistant Materials, Food Technology, Spanish and French).

The programme was tailored to meet the needs of all the different groups of students that attended the two-week intense catch-up programme. All subject leaders used the question level analysis from the end of year assessment and created a programme of work that would consolidate, reteach and/or correct misconceptions in their subject. 

Our prospective year 7 pupils completed a survey about their experiences at summer school. The pupils enjoyed the interaction with the teachers and peers and felt they were less anxious about starting their new school in September.

The total amount spent to deliver the programme was £34,108.

This consisted of £27,658 staffing costs including teaching staff, teaching support and catering teams. £6,450 was spent on resources and activities.

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